Jobs, jobs, jobs!

A collection of job advertisements from ‘The Age’ newspaper.

Jobs-The-Age-13-Mar-1940-p1813 March 1940. p.18

Jobs-The-Age-2-Feb-1946-p182 February 1946. p.18

Jobs-The-Age-23-MAr-1946-p1923 March 1946. p.19

Jobs-The-Age-29-June-1946-p1929 June 1946. p.19

Jobs-The-Age-27-Jan-1951-p1227 January 1951. p.12.
In the early 1950s, Goetz brought skilled tradesmen from the U.K. under a migration scheme sponsored by the Victorian Chamber of Manufacturers. As part of the scheme, Goetz was obliged to provide accommodation for workers and therefore purchased suitable properties at Newport and Williamstown.

In addition to the cost of the accommodation properties, extra finance was needed as Goetz had acquired an interest in a foundry in Grace Street Dandenong in 1948, and made outright purchase in 1949 whereupon they commenced construction of an ‘up to date’ facility on the site. By 1951, the new foundry was still incomplete, requiring an additional ₤8,000 to complete the work.

Therefore, in April 1951 the company made available an issue of 35,000 ₤1 5% Cumulative Preference Shares.


Jobs-The-Age-31-Mar-1951-p3031 March 1951. p.30

1 March 1952. p.41