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War production at the annexe

The extra requirements of wartime defense production at Goetz saw the construction of a new building adjacent to the main factory in Hall Street Spotswood.

Registered on 29 November 1940, Goetz Annexe Pty. Ltd. was formed as a subsidiary company of W.G.Goetz and Sons Ltd. Renamed Goetz Annexe Limited and finally Goetz Manufacturing Pty. Ltd., the company was deregistered on 11 July 2003. (ref:

These September 1941 newspaper clippings report that double 12 hour shifts had been undertaken in the preceding year, doubling regular production output. By October 1941, the defence annexe was in full production.

Click the newspaper images below for larger versionsWar_production_Age_020941





Goetz was noted for taking part in ‘patriotic programs which help the war effort’. Commercial Broadcasting journal, 28 January 1943, p. 12


Below: In the 1958 publication ‘Australia in the war of 1939 – 1945 Vol V The Role Of Science and Industry, Chapter V: Mobilising For War’, p. 53, Goetz is listed as a supplier of fuses.
Some of the Goetz made munition percussion and timer fuse caps from WWII. These particular  items in the photos were used by my grandfather Otto Goetz at home as paperweights. As a small boy, I used to play with them when I visited him. Neal


The land on which the Goetz annexe operated was actually owned by the Department of Munitions. Following the war, in May 1947 W. G. Goetz and Sons Ltd. purchased the land, including all ‘buildings and services’ through the Commonwealth Disposals Commission.

Below: Sales advice from the Commonwealth Disposals Commission regarding Goetz’s purchase of the annexe site from the Department of Munitions, 16th May 1947. Click image for larger version.


Below: A letter dated 22nd September 1947 from the Commonwealth Disposals Commission to advise the Department of the Interior that the land owned by the Department of Munitions (on which  Goetz had been operating the annexe), had been sold to Goetz. Goetz paid £10,000 on 16th May 1947. Click image for larger view.

Below: After the war was over, the government decided to form an arms advisory committee to ensure that Australia would be ready for future conflicts. Appointments to the committee included Otto Goetz. The Advertiser, Adelaide, 13 September 1952, p.4