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100 Years it’s time for whoopee! 1975

This article appeared in The Herald, Thursday September 4th, p.19. The article mentions the forthcoming celebration dinner to be held the next day at the Southern Cross Hotel. For more info and a look at the dinner menu, go to the post ‘Centenary Month & Dinner 1975

Some of the newspaper article text appears to have been taken from a short Goetz history document, produced some time after 1971.

The article contains some errors:

  • W. G. Goetz’s death as 1917. Recorded death 12th May 1913.
  • His arrival from Germany in 1875. Gottlob Wilhelm Paul Götz actually arrived in Australia aged 23 at the Port Melbourne Pier, on 14th December 1863 aboard the S.S. Great Britain, from Liverpool. No information regarding his journey from Germany to Liverpool has been found so far. One can only speculate that the reason for his emigration was to avoid military service. Had he remained in Germany, he may have been caught up in the Austro-Prussian war of 1866 when his native Würtemberg took up arms on behalf of Austria. Austria was defeated by the Prussians, who promptly occupied northern Würtemberg. W. G.’s relocation to Australia turned out to be a good move!
  • No evidence has been found that his business commenced in 1875. Contrary evidence suggests later dates. For further discussion see this page Beginnings — Queen Street, Melbourne


Centenary Month & Dinner 1975

W. G. Goetz & Sons celebrated their centenary in 1975 with a dinner at Melbourne’s Southern Cross Hotel on 5th September. As noted elsewhere, there is no evidence that Goetz actually commenced in 1875 as claimed (see Beginnings – Queen Street Melbourne)

Above: Centenary Dinner invitation to Mr. & Mrs. T (Terence) Lineman. Click image for larger view. Thanks to their daughter Robyn for the invitation and menu. Click menu image for larger view or PDF link below for full menu.


Click here to download the menu PDF Menu-Centenary-Dinner-1975-Sept-5



Click the link to download the centenary booklet PDF Goetz Centenary 1975-web

Clink the link to see 100 Years article in The Herald, 4 September 1975