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Edgell and the 11PSV Can Closer

In the 24 August 1959 edition of the Sydney Morning Herald, there was a 7-page series of articles about canned food. Among the articles were entries congratulating Gordon Edgell & Sons Ltd. on the release of their new product – Edgell-Gerber Baby Food, manufactured at their new plant in Bathurst. Around the same time, in order to supply Edgell with cans for the baby foods section, Containers Limited opened a can making plant nearby.

The W. G. Goetz & Sons advertisement featured the 11PSV 4-head high speed automatic can closing machine, as used by Edgell.


Sydney Morning Herald, 24 Aug 1959, p. 14


Can seamer at the Containers Limited plant, near the Edgell factory, Bathurst. Difficult to tell in this photo, but perhaps another Goetz machine?

Employment, early 1950s

An assortment of employment advertising durinig the early 1950s.


Foreman Maintenance Fitter
Williamstown Advertiser, 21 April 1950, p. 8


Junior Draftsmen
The Age, 5 August 1959, p. 28

Engineering Apprentices
Williamstown Chronicle, 24 November 1950, p. 4

Female Capstan Lathe Operator
Williamstown Advertiser, 22 August 1952, p. 5


Process Workers
Williamstown Advertiser, 9 October 1953, p. 5

Tool Setters
Williamstown Advertiser, 1 October 1954, p. 5

Jobs – Dutch-Australian Weekly 1960s

During the 1960s, W. G. Goetz & Sons advertised for workers in the Dutch Australian Weekly, published from Sydney.

Here are a couple of ads with translations from Google Translate… possibly not totally accurate, but hopefully you’ll get the idea of what Goetz was offering and the sort of workers the were seeking. Please contact us if you have a better translation than Google!

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Dutch-Australian Weekly (Sydney),18 Nov 1960. p.10
Original (left), Google Translate (right)

Dutch-Australian Weekly (Sydney), 8 Oct 1965. p.10
Original (left), Google Translate (right)