Grace St. Dandenong foundry 1951

After sharing a foundry in Dandenong with Hugh Murray & Son from 1938, by 1949 it was clear that the W G Goetz-owned Eastern Metallurgical Founders needed to build their own foundry (see main page).

Following the purchase of land in Dandenong on the corner of Grace Street (nowadays Cheltenham Road) and Greaves Street (nowadays Carroll Lane), the services of architect James H. Wardrop were engaged and plans were submitted to the Department Of Labour (Victoria) for approval, which was granted on 26th January 1951.

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Below: Cover of a file regarding the plans and construction of the new foundry. The plans were approved by the Department Of Labour (Victoria) on 26 January 1951; construction was completed by 30th October 1952.


Below: Part of the approval process from the Department Of Labour (Victoria) involved completing a two-page questionnaire. 

Questionnaire page 1

Questionnaire page 2

A note stapled to the bottom of page 2


Below: Blueprint submitted for approval

Stamp of approval on the rear of the sheet.


Below: Approval letter dated 26th January, 1951 from the Department Of Labour (Victoria), addressed to W G Goetz company secretary Frank Craddock at Goetz’s Hall Street, Spotswood address.



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