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Goetz Dust Coats

These Goetz dust coats were a heavy navy blue cotton drill, supplied by Jones Workwear of West Footscray. Jones was established in 1893, later renamed Can’t Tear’em P/L. In November 1980, they again changed their name to CTE P/L. A recent web search failed to find any current presence of them. Click images  for larger views

Generic dust coat with embroidered Goetz pocket and visible buttons. 

Another design had hidden buttons and an iron-on Goetz logo, with embroidered employee name. 

Thanks to Terrence Linehan’s daughter Robyn for supplying the coats

Cricket match report, poem

Thanks to Ray for the items.

A report from a Sunday cricket match between W. G. Goetz staff and the Goetz Die Shop, undated other than a reference to November. The report includes that “Ernie Pond after being hit for six first ball, realised he had 2/- on the game & so took three quick wickets.” Two Shillings shows that the game was during a pre-decimal currency year (i.e. prior to 14 Feb 1966). Other than that, the year and date of the game remains a mystery!

Page 1. Click image larger version

Page 2. Click image larger version

Goetz cricket poem, 10 June 1970.
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Canteen, parties and Christmas

Some photos supplied by Ray Pond, whose father Ernie was a Goetz employee. Dates unknown except where noted. If anyone has any info to share, please leave a comment!

Click images below for larger versions.

Ernie Pond as Santa. Text on the rear of the photo indicates that the photo was professionally taken:
‘A Candid Photograph by Raymond Mudford, .. Forrest Street Sunshine’.


Altona, 29 November 1981 – possibly a Goetz Christmas party

5 September 1975 – during a Goetz dinner perhaps?


Sporting Teams


Below: The Goetz Die-Shop football team 1962. Click image for larger versionGoetz-Die-Shop-Football-0909-1962

Above: Instructions to the photographer about names for the above Die Shop footy team photo reproductions, hastily scribbled on to a job timecard. Click image for larger view


Below: An undated Goetz cricket team. Click image for larger version



Below: Another Goetz cricket team. Date unknown. Thanks to Ray for the photo.
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Below: A Goetz tennis team. Date unknown. Thanks to Ray for the photo.
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