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Employees of W. G. Goetz and Sons had a superannuation fund available to them by arrangement with National Mutual Life. Unfortunately when Goetz was bought in the late ’90s, the new owner did not fulfil his obligations to make sufficient contributions to the fund, leaving employees entitlements in the hands of Administrators. Read about how the business practices of the new owner caused the ruin of the company here.

Below: A letter to a Goetz employee to advise that his application for superannuation had been successfully processed. The booklet and nomination form referred to in the letter are shown below. Click image for larger view.


Below: Accompanying the letter above was this information booklet signed by company secretary Frank Craddock c.February 1969, including a Nomination Form for payment of the employee’s benefits, should the employee die whilst working at Goetz. Click images for larger views.


 In a Report to Creditors on 12 October 1999, the Administrators “estimated the value of the entitlements at $587,229, including redundancy & notice.” However, a report to creditors from the Pattisons (business advisors and insolvency specialists) on 28 June 2004 advised “that the employees of W. G. Goetz, as priority creditors in the liquidation have been paid approximately 91 cents in the dollar out of their total claims of $862,806.44. Regrettably as there are no further assets to be realised there will be no further dividends paid to employees.” The Pattisons report also mentioned that the liquidators of Goetz subsidiary Goetz Manufacturing P/L had finished their administration.

A newspaper article in The Mail, 29 March 2000, reported that Goetz Manufacturing’s 48 employees had been paid off in full, “including redundancy, entitlements, superannuation, annual leave and long service leave.” (see newspaper clipping ‘Hammer falls on history’ on this page.)

Below: During the demise of W. G. Goetz and Sons, employees received notice from the ATO advising them of the lack of superannuation contributions by the company (under its new owner) and that they would need to contact the Liquidator for further information.Click image for larger view.

5 Years Service – coasters

Goetz employees were given a memento of their first five years service in the form of a set of six square metallic coasters, each 95mm x 95mm.

The coasters shown below were given to Terence Linehan, who worked at Goetz as an engineering pattern maker from 1969 to 1982.

The coasters were “Designed and Crafted” by Paul Stephen-Daly, trading as Louchrilau Nominees P/L of Malvern. The company was known for producing limited edition and custom metallic drink coasters, including a souvenir drink coaster to help publicise the Phar Lap movie in 1983. An example is held at Museum Victoria as part of the Phar Lap collection.

Between August and December 1992 Paul Stephen-Daly also registered designs with Intellectual Property Australia for a bottle rack, bottle rack/trophy and a presentation wall plaque trophy.

The company received various government export and expansion grants during the 1970s and 1980s, however, according to Commonwealth of Australia Gazette, Business (National : 1987 – 2004), the company was deregistered and dissolved as of 4th August 1990.

Thanks to Terence’s daughter Robyn for the coasters. Click images below for larger views

Advertising – Footscray Tech Magazines

Not normally known for advertising, W. G. Goetz placed these advertisements In the Footscray Technical School magazine. Form 7 students visited W. G. Goetz in 1957.

Below: ‘Footscray Technical School Blue and Gold 1947 no. 7
Magazine of the Footscray Technical School, 1947. Victoria University Archives, VUS 42.’
Page 30

Read the full edition here.

Click image for larger view.


Below: ‘Footscray Technical School Blue and Gold 1948 no. 8
Magazine of the Footscray Technical School, 1948. Victoria University Archives, VUS 42.’
Page 26

Read the full edition here.

Click image for larger view.


Below: ‘Footscray Technical School Blue and Gold, 1949 no. 9
Magazine of the Footscray Technical School, 1949. Victoria University Archives, VUS 42.’
Inside front cover

Read the full edition here.

Click image for larger view.


Below: ‘Footscray Technical School Blue and Gold 1950 no. 10
Magazine of the Footscray Technical School, 1950. Victoria University Archives, VUS 42.’
Page 40

Read the full edition here.

Click image for larger view.


Below: ‘Footscray Technical School Blue and Gold 1953 no. 13
Magazine of the Footscray Technical School, 1953. Victoria University Archives, VUS 42.’
Page 53

Read the full edition here.

Click image for larger view.


Below: ‘Footscray Technical School Blue and Gold 1973
Magazine of the Footscray Technical School, 1973. Victoria University Archives, VUS 42.’
Page 40, top right

Read the full edition here.

Click image for larger view.


Student Visits 1957

Always keen to promote engineering as a career, W.G. Goetz hosted student visits. In 1957 on page 2 of the Footscray Technical School magazine, the school principal wrote that ‘groups of Diploma students were taken on visits to various factories and industrial works, as part of their training in machine shop technology.’

W. G. Goetz was visited by the seventh form students, who left a favourable impression on the company. In a list of Form 8 students on page 35 (‘Pertinent Pars’), there is included a Grahame Goetz. It seems that the magazine mis-spelled his name Graeme, who was the grandson of Emil Goetz, one of W. G. Goetz’s sons. (Emil is pictured wearing a bowler hat in the 1905 West Melbourne factory photo). However, it seems reasonable to assume that Graeme (or Grahame) being in Form 8 at the school that year was the reason that W.G. Goetz was one of the companies visited by the Form 7 students.

Below: Portion of ‘The Principal’s Page’, Footscray Technical School Blue and Gold 1957 vol. 4 no. 2, page 2. Magazine of the Footscray Technical School, 1957. Victoria University Archives, VUS 42. Read the full edition here.

Jobs, jobs, jobs!

A collection of job advertisements from ‘The Age’ newspaper.

Jobs-The-Age-13-Mar-1940-p1813 March 1940. p.18

Jobs-The-Age-2-Feb-1946-p182 February 1946. p.18

Jobs-The-Age-23-MAr-1946-p1923 March 1946. p.19

Jobs-The-Age-29-June-1946-p1929 June 1946. p.19

Jobs-The-Age-27-Jan-1951-p1227 January 1951. p.12.
In the early 1950s, Goetz brought skilled tradesmen from the U.K. under a migration scheme sponsored by the Victorian Chamber of Manufacturers. As part of the scheme, Goetz was obliged to provide accommodation for workers and therefore purchased suitable properties at Newport and Williamstown.

In addition to the cost of the accommodation properties, extra finance was needed as Goetz had acquired an interest in a foundry in Grace Street Dandenong in 1948, and made outright purchase in 1949 whereupon they commenced construction of an ‘up to date’ facility on the site. By 1951, the new foundry was still incomplete, requiring an additional ₤8,000 to complete the work.

Therefore, in April 1951 the company made available an issue of 35,000 ₤1 5% Cumulative Preference Shares.


Jobs-The-Age-31-Mar-1951-p3031 March 1951. p.30

1 March 1952. p.41


New Employee Work Agreement, 1978

New-employee-work-agreement-1978-thumbAbove: Thumbnail image only. To download the document as a PDF, click this link: Work_agreement_1978

The 1978 standard new employee work agreement, provided a short history of the company plus working terms and conditions.

The official history claims September 1875 as the foundation date, but no evidence has been found for commencement in that year. Contrary evidence suggests a later date; perhaps 1878 or 1880. See this page for details: ‘Beginnings – Queen Street Melbourne’

Thanks to Ron Collins for the work agreement document.

Apprenticeship Brochure


Above: From ‘The Navy’ magazine. July 1950, Vol 14, no. 7, p.6. Click image for larger version.

Click the image below to enlarge, or download the PDF version by clicking here 770Kb


  Trevor Dunstan March 23, 2016 at 8:50 am
I worked at W. G. Goetz & Sons from February 1979 until Easter 1983 as an Apprentice Fitter and Turner in Engineering side of Goetz. I believe that working at Goetz gave me a great start to mine (maybe didn’t recognize this at the time) and many others working careers. Most apprentices I know or hear of that worked there are successful in both that careers and at life. To think back to our old bosses such as Scotty, Bluey, Thommo and Hec Mitchell gave us the traits they installed in us should be applauded.Most of my time was spent on the Lathes but the type of different machines that you could be placed on was vast and I would be surprised if any current apprentices get this opportunity. I think I was successful at my job as midway through my 4th year I was employed as the Quality Control Inspector or this maybe was to keep me out of the way HA HA.Thank you to the many tradesmen how taught me many things. Theo Moltz, Jimmy Bird, Macca, Ray, Colin, Steve and may more and the other apprentices who some I still see and some who unfortunately has passed away, life is too short.Goetz was a special place and it still surprises me how many people who I didn’t know but worked there.My trade gave the chance to become a Maintenance Planner, Manufacturing Manager and now Own and operate my own Engineering Company.Thank you for taking the time to read my story.Best regards,Trevor Dunstan