Student Visits 1957

Always keen to promote engineering as a career, W.G. Goetz hosted student visits. In 1957 on page 2 of the Footscray Technical School magazine, the school principal wrote that ‘groups of Diploma students were taken on visits to various factories and industrial works, as part of their training in machine shop technology.’

W. G. Goetz was visited by the seventh form students, who left a favourable impression on the company. In a list of Form 8 students on page 35 (‘Pertinent Pars’), there is included a Grahame Goetz. It seems that the magazine mis-spelled his name Graeme, who was the grandson of Emil Goetz, one of W. G. Goetz’s sons. (Emil is pictured wearing a bowler hat in the 1905 West Melbourne factory photo). However, it seems reasonable to assume that Graeme (or Grahame) being in Form 8 at the school that year was the reason that W.G. Goetz was one of the companies visited by the Form 7 students.

Below: Portion of ‘The Principal’s Page’, Footscray Technical School Blue and Gold 1957 vol. 4 no. 2, page 2. Magazine of the Footscray Technical School, 1957. Victoria University Archives, VUS 42. Read the full edition here.