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47p Masterfoods, Wodonga

The machine in the photo below is the Goetz 47p 12 Head Closer installed at Masterfoods  production line A at Wodonga in 1994. This machine also has a 52 valve air piston filler attached. By 2002, this machine had filled over 20 billion cans!

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In 1991, Goetz installed to Uncle Ben’s production line G, an 8 header closer and 99 dia 47p maxi can, used for producing pet food. By 2002 it had produced 9 billion cans.

In 2005 Ken Scott designed and built, with Masterfoods workers, a new 36 air piston rod valve UF filler. Commencing production in 2006, this machine had the same setup as the Masterfoods A and G line 47p fillers.

Source: Ken Scott.

Below: The 47p manual weighed in at about 150 pages. Click image of larger view.








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  1. Tony Ruth
    I have a number of photos of 2 large Goetz C presses that I’d like to submit. How can I do so.
    One has GOETZ cast into the frame, the other has W.G GOETZ & Sons LTD Melbourne.